Energy Kinesiology  - Alternative Therapy by Joanne Hammons

Energy Kinesiology Classes 
Requirements for Part 1:
  •  Has had one healing session with me so that you know how it works.
  • Will be committed to one night a week for 2 hrs for 1 month. 7-9pm Usually Tuesdays but I am flexible.
  • Homework will be given and has to be completed.
  • Certificate of completion will be given after 10 recorded on paper balances have been done on other people. After the 10 balances are complete You would do a healing on me. This is just a learning session so that I know you are using the modality correctly. At that time you would receive your Certificate of Completion.
  •  Cost $300.00 ( $75.00 per week )You can pay weekly or in full payment.
  • Classes start in the fall. I only take 4-6 student per class.
  •  Email  or call me if you are interested at
  • call 651-481-9825.
This class will give you a strong base. From here  you can add  other alternative therapies.  If you don't develop a strong base, your sessions will not be as successful. If you are not sure if you can do this, call me and I can ask for you.

If you are serious about becoming a healer, now is the time. Don't wait. God is calling all healers to step up to the plate to bring more Light and Love to the planet.

Requirements for Part 2:

Part two is all about information and hands on. Once you know how to heal using Energy Kinesiology, I will teach you some other healing techniques that I do that will expand your healing knowledge.

  • 2 hour teaching session for $75.00.
  • This is hands on. I will not only teach but we will work on each other.
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