Energy Kinesiology  - Alternative Therapy by Joanne Hammons

Sacred Geometry Energy Cards
Sacred geometry cards are symbols that were giving to me by the Ascending Masters and the Archangels in order to transmute negative energies into love. These cards can help to integrate and regenerate the body, sharpen and help focus the mind, release emotions like anger and unforgiveness. They provide protection from electromagnetic energies from computers, cell phones and any other electronic device. If you are a healer, these cards can be worn to protect you as you work on clients. You can also use them with your clients to help removes blockages in there body by having the client look at the symbol. The Harmony card can be worn or placed above your front door to bring harmony and unity to your home and family.

 By wearing and working with the cards your energy fields will vibrate at the highest level of love which will help with;
  • Protecting you from cell phones, Ipads, Iphone, Computers, TV, etc.
  • Promote peace and calming in your body.
  • Bring balance and harmony in yourself, work place, home and family.
  • Support the  body in  healing on the physical , emotion , mental and spiritual Levels.
  •  Keep unwanted energies from entering your home.
  • Protecting you and your loved ones from negative energies.
  • Raising the vibration of foods and water.
  • Provides protection for Healers.
  • Helps to clear your path so you can move forward with ease.
  • Protection from people connecting to you and taking your energy.
The cost of the cards will be 9.99 per card.

I have available 8  different cards. If you purchase all 8 cards I will give you an extra card of your chose for free.

 I am so grateful that I was given these symbols.  Please respect the energy of these cards as a Gift from God because they truly do work and I wear at least 2 cards on me every day. I have them around my home, on my computer and cell phones, in my car, on my family and even in my garden!!! These cards will keep your vibration at its highest level to protect you and bring healing. Call me to purchase the cards. 
Thanks Joanne 651-481-9825

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